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Welcome to the South Dakota USA Powerlifting home page. Here you'll find information about USA Powerlifting meets in South Dakota, see the state records and news, view our Hall of Fame and find other general knowledge about the strength sport.
Our mission is to provide powerlifting competitions of uniform high quality that are drug tested and available to all athletes who meet the criteria for membership.

Watch this website for listings of upcoming USAPL sanctioned meets in South Dakota and neighboring states.

Have an event in you want listed on the site? E-mail your information to Ann at

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A BIG CONGRATS to Jonah Leo!
Jonah is a National Champion in the 120Kilo+ Mens Open at USAPL Bench Nationals (Atlanta, Georgia). He went 2 for 3 opened with 793lbs and ended up benching 805lbs. He is the first American ever to bench over 800lbs in the USAPL!
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In Memory of
Lance Cpl. Joseph Welke
All gave some.  Some gave all.
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